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Ministry of Art

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Alas, I have transfigured my art!
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How many of you share art amoung you friends? Lots of you, I bet. How many of you would share your interesting, shameful art with others if you had the confidence, the time, or even...the livejournal community?
It's your lucky day, my friends.
Unlike other Harry Potter art communities, the Ministry of Art supports and nutures developing artists, as well as those who just plain out blow at drawing and doodling. Not that those communities aren't wonderful, but most Harry Potter fans who are without a scanner, art program, and basic drawing skills are hesitant to join a group of artists who are obviously better than they are. The Ministry of Art is the place for you!
But oh, don't get us wrong. We welcome those ridiculously good artists as well.

At the Ministry of Art, we welcome and encourage all art-- whether it takes 5 minutes or 3 hours to draw.


1: The Ministry of Art is open to anyone and everyone.

2: Post, Post, Post, Post, Post! When you're feeling down, draw some art. Express how you feel through HP.

3: Original characters are allowed; you may even find a new RP buddy!

4: All art should be hidden by a livejournal cut. If you're clueless as to what that is, please ask.

5: Art can be any rating, but if something is terribly graphic, please give a warning outside of the livejournal cut. (Note: Ken and Barbie like bodies are favored over terribly drawn naughty parts)

6: Of course, all art must be Harry Potter related.

Questions? Comments? Just talk to peachesincellar (Beddi)

Please, Promote the Ministry!

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Standard Disclaimer Applies: JK Rowling owns Harry Potter and all characters within her wonderful, wonderful books.