Juxtaposition Jones: muralista famosa (hustonia) wrote in ministry_of_art,
Juxtaposition Jones: muralista famosa

remember when we used to use this community

I was bored…

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Deleted comment

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or perhaps it is pasó…
HAHAHAHA. It is more brilliant in Spanish. I love it. :)
hermione's showin a little leg there, isn't she?
as i was drawing her i was like, damn, hermione's a slut
I don't know which one I like more. English or Spanish....hmmmmn? me encanta su dibujo!! (check me out I'm being polite by saying 'su').
And also YAY!! a post in the ministry!
God Bless!
I like Spanish also. "Moco Gracias" Moco Bueno.